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And we’re delighted you do, too!

But we understand that, sometime, you need to part with a few. We’re happy to help you re-home them, and here are some hints to make your process and ours smooth and valuable.

Books that sell really well:

  • Fiction, mystery and thrillers in trade paperback format

  • Clean cookbooks

  • Current DIY

  • Maine or New England

  • Stephen King and other Maine authors, especially local

Books that sell well:

  • Current politics

  • History, especially Maine and New England

  • Children’s

  • Gardening

Books that sit on the shelves for a while but usually eventually find a new home:

  • Classics

  • YA fiction

  • Poetry

  • Art, music, photography, architecture

  • Sociology, psychology

  • Religion, philosophy

  • Journalism/media

  • Biography

Books which usually remain lonely:

  • Grammar

  • Anything outdated, i.e. travel guides, business, education, how-to books 

  • Mass market paperbacks

  • Hard-cover fiction

  • Foreign language

  • Crafts

Books we will dispose of, so please don’t include them:

  • Those with underlining and/or notes in the margins

  • Manuals for various and sundry kitchen appliances and tools

  • Damaged books—i.e. broken spine, cover falling off

  • Outdated computer manuals

DVDs, CDs, VHS no longer move well now that most people stream movies and music


Please do not bring in books which have been mouse food, are insect infested, water-damaged or are mildewed—those will compromise the good books we have in the book sale offerings.


Thank you for helping to streamline our offerings and make the book sales possible!!

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